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How fun and creative! I really enjoyed reading your article. A powerful message, written to entertain, as well as to instruct. Nice job!
This was so amazingly creative and very enjoyable to read. You really carried your characters (even when we didn't know it) consistently from beginning to end in terms of realistic dialogue for who they really were! I loved this story about a dad and a little kid wave and the T word when things run a muck. Yet, God always is a God of order and has a reason behind things, even when we don't see it. It is important to not let fear get in the way and be willing to fully give ourselves to God for what He has in mind for our lives.Thanks for sharing this wonderfully creative piece!
I enjoyed the turn-about that was in store for this Jonah, with foam at his mouth and rage building inside, in contrast to what that other Jonah caused the big fish. :) This is perfect for a second read to catch the tons of clues. :) I loved your creativity and your lesson!
Wow! Your imagination was on overdrive!! VERY creative. It took a while for me to process the plot, but suddenly when the light dawned I was...pardon me...swept away. :-)

A tad bit of red ink with the overuse of "Daddy." You might have mixed it a bit with "his father," or Dad.

Loved the brilliant use of words associated with the storyline. i.e. dipped, foaming, swallow, horizon, and "push us over the edge."

Wonderfully entertaining with a great title!
A sea of creativity overflowed within this masterfully done story! I dont recall ever reading another story where sea waters different forms was personified! I think I might have liked Jonahs name to be Splash but it being Jonah, certainly kept me guessing and in suspense for a long time! Not only is your story original and entertaining to the max, but the lesson and message powerful! Total thumbs up on this extraordinary offering!
I took a while for my slow old brain to catch on, but when I did I smiled. This is refreshing, unique and creative. Your imagination is exceptional. Thanks for sharing this! Very well done!
WOW! What amazing creativity. I was slow to catch on, (as usual,) thinking why is this young kid foaming at the mouth; seizures? And how long are his legs to disappear over the horizon so fast? I didn't cotton on until the 'T word,' when all became clear. That's when I realised how deceptively cleverly you'd woven the clues into the story from the beginning, to fool me. (And others I hope.) To top it off there's a powerful message in there too. Methinks this is your best ever.

ps ... you promised bodily fluids and all we got was a foaming mouth. Cheat!
Ah, very interesting and creative! I was lost at the beginning, but once I found out who they were, I enjoyed the ride like a surfer on a wave :-) Good message in here
I'm catching onto the purpose of these bricks! Wow, talk about a twist, my brain was flipping and flopping! (I was like, why is there a rock?) LOL
Great imagination and message. <3
So cleaver! I didn't figure out what was going on till part way through, then I went back and read it again and saw how expertly you created the scene. Nicely done!

I wonder if the story could have been more powerful (and it is already really powerful) if you cut the first sentence completely. The second sentence really brings the story to life, and for me the first sentence seems like a little bit of dead wood. Of course, I could be wrong.

This really is an amazingly creative take on the topic. Well done!
Fabulously creative! After realizing the MC was a young wave- I went back and re read making the story come even more alive and unique. Well done.
Wow! You really had me wondering at the beginning of this clever story! I was thinking that maybe Jonah's dad was captain of a ship that sank, but I never guessed he was a wave! :) Good message in this, too!
Oh so clever, and delightful! I wish my brain was as creative with the topics. Well done! God bless!
What an incredible turnaround! Terrific!
Clever,and interesting from the first word to the last.

Nicely done. God bless~
Quite a different perspective - very interesting and very well written. God bless you.
You are extremely talented my girlfriend... I just had to chime in again, even if the contest is over. FW missed out on a super piece in my estimation. This needs to be published somewhere. I think it is super enjoyable for adults, unique, challenging characters with an important lesson that some of us take a life time to learn (that God really does know best)) and also would make a fabulous kids book, with a few more clues at the beginning of course. I hope you go for it. You are a truly amazing writer. This piece is a winner in my book -- love ya!
I just got back and to find this story was the best treat! I love it! Waves talking! Great!
What a lovely story! It was so much fun to go through the second time. Very creative!
This is out-of-the-box creative! I really enjoyed the character and plot, and especially, the message. Like the others who commented, I was slow to catch on.