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Wow- This was amazing! It touched my heart. So well written, haunting and powerful.

Excellent account of the sadistic Nero who used Christians for human torches for illumination at night in his gardens, as well as many tortures and abominations against Christians!

You brought such a horrific image to life, yet managed to soften it with an even better image, eternity with Christ.

Brilliant and clever out of the box writing.

God bless~

I love the mental image of Jesus tying the sandal of a child. Great thoughts - great writing!
Wow, you packed so much emotion into a small package. Very moving. I really loved the title and theme. Just one encounter with Jesus is enough to change any life. Nice tight writing.
Good things come in small packages, as you have so wonderfully demonstrated. There are no wasted words here.
This is so beautiful. You took me right back to that time. Congratulations!
This is a powerful piece, well deserving of the win. Nicely done!
Oh my gosh, what powerful writing about such a powerful moment in the life of your MC. The best gifts do come in small packages. I loved this so much. What a beautiful gift you gave to us by writing, I can tell the precious Holy Spirit was right by your side. Congratulations. Have a wonderful, joyful day.

I knew this was a winner all the way!

Linda, I am so happy for you my friend, you are not only gifted by the Lord, but have a heart for Him as evidenced by all of your works.

God bless you!
Congratulations!!!! WOW - first place and EC! Will you still speak to me now? LOL.

I am so happy that you have been recognized by your fine entry and your amazing writing skills.

God bless~
Congratulations on your well-deserved win. Such an economy of evocative language to convey so much shows real writing skill.
Excellent work.
Never a doubt this would place! Congrats!
Congratulations Linda. This is amazing writing.
Congratulations Linda!
Congratulations on your 1st place EC! Well deserved.
Congratulations on your 1st place win. Your entry was succinctly superb!
Beautiful! Congratulations!
YAY, Linda! I'm glad this won first place. It's a great story - very descriptive and touching!