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There is so much pain in this story - on different levels. I feel for the girl, for she was betrayed and had yet had to learn to guard her speech because of it. I felt the emotions as if it were me. Well written.
I think teaching kids is just hard. When I was in school, from junior high through high school,the class of '56 saw eight teachers have breakdowns and leave teaching. We probably had something to do with it though unintentionally. Our class reunions have always been attended by some of our teachers, now our friends. I guess you can say we're all survivors.
Wow this story took me to so many different places. I'm not sure if it is a true story or not, but I hope not because even though you are an adult now, a teacher doing that to a kid is reprehensible. My first thought from the very beginning when he flicked his tie was that he was preying on the students in a not good way. Then when the news leaked out, I briefly thought that maybe it did it as a lesson to teach the MC a lesson. Though that is harsh, remember I had already pegged him as a pedophile. When he started questioning people, I was sure that somehow another student had leaked the secret and the teacher was looking for that culprit. Then at the end when he tied the tie around the locker, I thought for sure it would have a note of an apology. If this is a true story, I'm so sorry for that MC. An adult should never treat a kid like that, however, how wonderful God is to be able to turn a horrible event into something to glorify him! Either way, real or fiction, this is an outstanding story. It taught me so much. An excellent example was how my mind immediately went to the guy is a creep. I guess I need to hear the whole story before I jump to any judgments. I always think a story is great when the Holy Spirit can use it in different ways for different people. You certainly did just that.
Great piece with lots to learn from it. Thanks for sharing this. You remind of Psalm 141:3.
Great piece with lots to learn from it. Thanks for sharing this. You remind of Psalm 141:3.