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Aside from this being so well told it is an absolutely absorbing story. What is the saying - blood always tells? In this case its proven. Family crying out to family to be reunited after centuries of separation. That initial union must have been ordained. What an amazing biography of one of life's mysteries.
Yes indeed, an amazing story of ties even deeper than you guessed with this other family! I got a good chuckle too, from reading the changes since that photo was taken. A fun surprise at the end of a very entertaining read, that doubly fits the challenge word, adds up to a job extremely well done!
Rolls of film and Tupperware. I remember those Tupperware parties well. It was the only entertainment we mums we got back then. This is an entertaining and mind-boggling read. What an amazing discovery you made. (So facebook's not all bad.) You never know, Hannah
from England might be one of my ancestral clan. We had a lot of Hannas. This,as always is impeccably written, on topic and interesting. I think it will please the judges too.
This was quite an entertaining read. This descriptive piece along attached with a message was priceless in itself, and to know it is a true made it that more special.

Thanks for sharing! Excellent piece of writing.

God bless~
CORRECTION: Having my mini Schnauzer on my lap as I type, is difficult.

Should have read:

This was quite an entertaining read. This descriptive piece,along with a message was priceless in itself, and to know it is a true account made it that more special. Loved it!

Thanks for sharing!

Excellent piece of writing.

God bless~
This is priceless! The ending caught me by surprise. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your story. It blessed my heart.
This is heart-warming story of enduring friendship which was chosen not foisted on you by being related, even though you did turn out to be related. A well-written, engaging read.
What a delightful walk with you down memory lane. Our church's motto, "Where friends become family," needs an asterisk to include what you have described so well: where families become friends. True friends are forever, rain or shine, and balm to your soul.
Neat story. It's so important that pastors have friendships, and over the years, some of my closest friends have been men in the ministry. Good story, with a delightful twist ending.
OH wow. How cool. And even better that it's a true story! Small world, huh? I loved this.
What an astoundingly amazing story. Your descriptive phrases, your humor, and the way you told it were par excellence. :) Your "invaded meal times" and your "avenged their raids" along with the "recipe arsenals" were favorites phrases, and the "prayed out a path along the way" tops the list. I love the way you've incorporated the "friends and family" theme. Super work!
Like the old saying, "Truth is often stranger than fiction." Boy, did that turn out to be the case here. There is this one family that I have known since birth that my dad's job always seemed to take him where every they ended up moving next. One of the daughter's in the family actually took me to the Bible study where I ended up getting saved. My dad graduated from Annapolis and their's from West Point. Our father's actually went into business together a few years before my dad died Now, this story, told with so much warmth and richness makes me want to do some research of my own.God is so good, there are certain things that definitely are ordained from the beginning of time. What a lovely tribute you have written for your friends, as well as for us to share in the delight.
I choose you to be my friend . . .
I love researching my family history and writing about it, so your story ending was especially satisfying to me! :) How wonderful and amazing that God knit you together as close friends before you found out you were also connected as family! What a heart-warming account!
Just simply, a great true story from your life. Thanks for sharing your family with us!
Hey congrats on coming in number 13 over all, pretty snazzy. I know you placed in the top half for your level too, but can't remember exactly what number. Way to write on the family history and God's sweet miracle in the end. Your special friends definitely should have a framed copy of this one!
Congratulations on placing 11 in level four and ranking 13 overall!