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This was such an enjoyable read - thank-you for the smiles. I loved the Oscar Wilde quote - so fitting into your approach to this subject. And not in the least slight regarding "G'day" I'll still take Rodgers and Hammerstein's interpretation of what a "beautiful morning" it is. This brings back memories of my first reading of "Br'er Rabbit" when I was about six. Oh the time I had trying to understand - but so rewarding waddling through it all.
By gum lad, tha can spout when tha wants to. Tha's a reight noelitall! And just for the record, I interpreted all your funny oz-words before the translation at the end.

This is an entertaining read,nicely done and interesting. And it was perfect for the topic.

Well done! Kath and Kim udbe proudaya! (Aussies will know who Kath and Kim are.)Good to hear a bit of the 'science' behind the accent. But really - we Aussies don't have an accent! Everyone else does!
Howdy pod'ner! That was right friendly advice you gave. Shore 'nuff enjoyed it, by gum.
Yes, shortly after we came to Australia we were joined by friends who struggled with the accent. A workmate of my husband's asked if they didn't speak English, and didn't undersand when he replied, "They speak English. They just don't speak 'Strine'!" Well done.
God bless you.
I have always loved accents, they are so fun! Aussie and English accents have always been my favorite. I wish you could have seen me reading your "Aussie-talk" in the paragraph where you had the 3rd footnote. You had it written out phonetically just right, that I even sounded like an Aussie for a few moments there! This was a fun read even if I didn't understand all of it. I know I will go back and re-read this. Thanks for writing this masterfully amusing, but factual piece, Blessings...
I am smiling right now. The mystery of accents is something I have always wondered about. Growing up in Georgia, Tennessee, and now living in Mississippi, I have my own accent. You'd have to read "You Might Be a Redneck" (I think that is the name) to understand my dialect.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Excellent reading.
Oh my, did this bring back memories! Twenty years ago I was in Australia for six weeks doing a solo performance and teaching tour of Christian sacred dance. I remember my hosts repeatedly trying to teach me to pronounce G'day mate with a true Aussie sound, but they kept telling me I had an accent! So many good memories. Thank you! Fun article to read, especially the bit about Emma Chisset.
You continue to amaze me with your entries. You really need to take your speel on tour. I can see you on The Tonight Show doing this sort of thing. You may indeed have two callings my friend.

You are the "major attraction" in this many fans. LOL, nicely done as always, I enjoyed it for sure!

God bless~
You took me from HUH? at the beginning to patting myself on the back by the end because I was getting it without the footnotes! i'm so proud of myself, especially since i've been working hard to get you for a long time. :) You did a great job and it's always nice to have a good chuckle 'fore bed. :) (I have noticed your challenges are that way out there sense of humor that borders on sardonic and facetious or really intensely emotional ones--chew on that for a bit! :) You had me seriously laughing.
Well you certainly make me feel better about my accent! Born in Ohio, I have been accused of speaking faster and more wordy than most. Spending time on Route 66 was intoxicating - waiting for two words to be said, and falling asleep while waiting. The Panhandle. Sigh. I think I love you - you made my heart tickle!

Because He lives and loves,

I was completely engrossed and entertained by the accent and language. You've explained in such a way that even someone like me could understand it. :) Perfect title + fascinating writing = immense enjoyment! Thanks!
Loaded with information. I've always been fond of the Australian accent. It's totally different than this Texas girl's drawl! Thanks for writing.
Sometime back I remember another faithwriter asking about how to write dialogue. You are a pro at it!
Priceless! Big ear to ear grin-especially after reading your explanation why Aussies don't open there mouths very wide to speak. Can't wait to meet a few Aussies at the conference...I'll be watching your lips.
As always your unique, creative, and entertaining wit did just that-charmed my socks off!
:D What a fun and informative piece! :D Reading "Aussie" is like learning a new language! You did a great job with this, and I too got a laugh out of the "Emma Chisset" story and the bit about not opening the mouth too wide 'cuz of the flies! :)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I told you so!
This was too good to not be recognized. Congratulations on your EC, Noel.
Congrats, Noel. As you know, Tilman enjoyed this immensely! :)
I agree with C.D. I think it was who said that you probably have two callings. I would love to see you on the tonight show doing your bit. You could teach the audience all 'Aussie-speak.' Congrats on your win, you have such an amazing style. Blessings...
Noel, as usual you are informative and entertaining. This is wonderful. In the 1960's there was a popular Johnny Tillotson song titled "Poetry in Motion" (with the phrase in the lyrics). A friend heard it as "Oh, a tree in motion!"

Wing His Words,
Thank you for glorifying God with your true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous and praiseworthy winning entry! God bless you.

Love and verbal hugs, Judi

KJV Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."
Congratulations on the HC and EC! Excellent job!
Congratulations for your perfect (7th) overall placing on March 7. March (Match?) forward to win more.
I love your writings and encouragement. You are a sure source of inspiration.
Congratulations Noel on your EC. Well-deserved!It's good that you've taught all the non-Aussies how to talk and understand 'Strine'.
Congratulations Noel!!!
God bless my friend~
This was delightful. Thanks for sharing the lesson in speaking Aussie. I have always loved listening to Australians talk - didn't matter what they said either. Congratulations on your ED and HC on this deserving article.