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Very moving. When my mother was in the hospital, a few days before she died, she told me that a harpist had been there that day. Mom was on a lot of drugs and had been saying weird things for awhile so I thought she was hallucinating. I told her,"That's nice, Mom." Later I asked them at the desk, telling them what Mom had said and that I didn't really think it was true. But it was! And I know it meant a lot to her. Thank you for using your talent to comfort these patients. Good story, written well.
Thank you for sharing such an uplifting and tenderly told story. It was refreshing to read of your labor of love.
Thank you for sharing your gift with others. I know music soothes the soul and would be very comforting in a cold, septic place such as the hospital.

Your dedication to music sets an example for others to emulate the love of Christ.

Very poignant story here
This is a beautiful, heart warming story. I've done hospice nursing in the past and I could sense the atmosphere through your words. I feel this must be a personal experience and a worthy use of your musical talent. Congratulations on your placement.
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing. You have beautifully captured the power of music to bypass regular speech shutdowns caused by strokes and other inhibitions.
Totally engrossing writing that calls for a book that draws out the miracles within the patients and within their families. A friend of mine ministers to transitionally-ill peoiple with a harp, and he has somne wonderful stories to tell.
Congratulations on this beautiful entry.
Congrats! God bless~
Great story and a wonderful lesson on the importance of using our talent for ministry. Congratulations!
What a beautiful and deeply moving description of this wonderful ministry you have. Please don't stop! They need you so much. The Lord must be so pleased to see (hear) this ministry. And please write us some more stories. Congrats on the placing.
What an amazing ministry! What a blessing to the patients and families. This is beautifully written. The tenderness and compassion flow like the melodies you play. Congrats on your Editor's Choice award.
Absolutely stunning!
When I read your words "entering the privileged and sacred ground of another’s life, and praying that I will do no harm" it's as if I entered the surreal place with you for the rest of your story.
Well done!
Congratulations on your EC. I found both your writing and your ministry full of compassion. Excellent.
This is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Truly a work of the heart. Congratulations, Carolyn, so well deserved.
You really deserved this win. Congrats!