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Lovely! God bless~
Wow. It really will be beyond all you describe when He speaks our name. You've captured that awesomeness deeply and most tangibly. One that lingers with the reader. (thanks for sharing)
You made me feel the giddines. What else can I say? There is no more powerful compliment that can be paid a writer than when a reader says "you made me feel"

Great job!
"He inhabits the praise of His people." Your poem is pure worship. I have often thought of what it will be like when we stand before Him. Your writing far exceeds any thoughts I've had, you fill me with awe as I consider THAT MOMENT. This builds to a crescendo, then your ending has the power to send chills. Wow! Love this!!!
Your beautiful poem blesses me more than I can say. This is one of my favorite comforts of all--He knows my name. In my insignificance, I am significant to Him. Thanks for the reminder in such a magnificent way.
Oh, yes. Beautiful.
I too, have the that elusive voice in the middle of the night, even before I gave my life to Him completely.

I loved this, great message and what a comfort to my soul.

Blessings, lynn
So so beautiful! I haven't got anything else to say. I think I'll just let it wash over me. Thank you for sharing.
You've caught/captured the echo and reverberation of God sounding in our souls/body and lifting our spirits in this beautiful poem that simply resonates with depth/inspiration.
Stunning! The tears flow as I imagine with you. Thank you...
Your poem carried me up, up and up over the cascading waterfalls as I could almost literally feel Jesus with me and calling to me in this poem that is almost like a dance! I loved this piece. It had an essence to it of the song "Imagine" by Mercy Me where everything will be so exhilarating we won't know whether to dance before Him or to bow. Somehow I think it will be both. Psalm 139 where Jesus through David, talks about "knowing our name" and how He is intimately acquainted with all of our ways flowed in and out of me as I read this soaring poem!
Oh, I love the passion in this inspiring piece! Your words were descriptive and flowing and so full of JOY!!

I especially liked the picture this phrase painted for me: "His bliss like ten million laughing babies"!

And I take great comfort that He DOES know my name, too!
This simply gets better every time I read it! It's meaning still resounding and reverberating. I see how it placed so highly this week. Congratulations on your EC. Loved it!
Congratulations on an EC for this beautiful poem, so full of blessing!
I suspected when I first read this that it was going to be a winner--and I was right! :) I've savored the words again and have been been "reblessed"!!
Wonderful truth. Thank you for pouring out your heart and your beautiful poetry of prayer. Congratulations on your EC.