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As a musician, of course I was drawn to reading your piece immediately. As a musician with another adult-acquired challenge that requires needles and blood, I was fascinated with your writing, and appreciated every word of it. May I join your F-flat Club?
This is a great story. How humbling it is when God invites a child into our lives to show us the way. You did a grand job of showcasing the topic. Though not being musical some of it sounded like Greek to me but the message was quite clear and even a tone-deaf me got it and can appreciate it. :)
This was wonderful to read. I am not musical either but so appreciated the 'dual-message' that came across so strongly in your story. You illustrated beautifully the way that God uses the 'everyday' to speak to our hearts. Thankyou.
This is a very instructive piece musically; and very edifying in its life application as well; with great balance and restraint in both aspects.
This is a well written story. I couldn't agree more with you about blood and needles. Good dialogue between the MC and the music student.
I really enjoyed how you likened the challenge of getting used to the F flat to getting used to diabetes. I must admit I tend to agree with James' view about F flat (Why not just put an E in?) but I'm only a little bit musical, no expert! Well done.
Very well written, and a great example of how we can apply everyday lessons to our own lives if we will only let them speak to us.
This entry has so many layers of application to life in general. It was an interesting and detailed story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks.

God bless~
Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
This was my favorite story of all this week; it was wonderfully written. Congratulations on your EC.
I very much enjoyed this piece, having had the same conversation with my piano teacher several years ago. I appreciate the lesson the MC learns, but appreciate even more the idea of learning as she did from everyday situations and problems. Great story!
What a great story. I love the way you bring us along on the MC's struggle to accept the diagnosis. You used the dialog and situation to show your message very effectively. In reading this I am reminded that God also embraces the philosophy of "show don't tell".

Excellent work! Thanks for sharing it with us and congratulations on a well deserved EC placement.
Ah, I love this! Congrats on your placement and God bless!
Congratulations on your clever contrast piece. The practical lessons presented in this engaging story add to the reasons why it's a well deserved win.