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I can tell that you've had fun with this. But I have to ask, if Invisibilis Ante Demise work as gruesome twosomes, where was the other one?
I sensed a chapter two brooding in the background as I read through - not that I'm paranoid, I just know they're out to get me! (I apologise if that par-anoid you.) ;-)
I pictured myself coming in out of the heat of a Las Vegas sun along the strip. It is cool and dark inside the museum, I could smell the lady with the cologne, even the bubblegum. The exhibit begins and I'm lost in the wonder of it all, my imagination running wild with the author's tutorial. For moments I'm lost in the adventure, reality is suspended and as the exhibits ends, I am grateful for the escape just as any reader would be to the writer who took them on this journey from the real world. Maybe I didn't understand it all, but it was fun, made me smile and wonder; and just maybe, have an inkling to want to come back again.
A brilliant piece of writing...I loved the last paragraph. Fun and creative. God bless~
What a great read! I enjoyed your humour and creativity. And...the leg in the creature's mouth, the curator's limp, the missing other creature. No wonder the curator is sweating and the MC glances behind her! Thanks.
This was a perfect piece of writing. Just enough mystery, just enough depth, just enough clues to the back story and even a future one as well. Amazing job. Love it!
Wow, you amaze me with your talent. I'm sitting here in awe at how easy you make it look to write on topic in a fresh and fascinating way. I mean, really anyone who uses the word superfluous is genius in my book! (I had always mispronounced it but since hearing Little Susie say it in the Grinch Who stole Christmas movie, I've realized how to pronounce it properly and love using it just right. You did a delightful job on this piece.