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Very interesting take on the subject. As I read I kept trying to figure out what it was all about...and I am still not sure! I came up with several applications, which is a sign of good writing. Well constructed sentences and form kept me intrigued and kept me reading. Good job.
This piece evokes a curious pondering, in a good way...well crafted yet still a mystery.
A sign of an excellent writer. A story that no one knows what the heck it's about, not even the writer! LOL. Kidding.

I thought this was so well written and put together in a creative fashion. One that will bring about many different interpretations.

I am thinking about Jesus' words with this one. The parable about seed falling on good ground. Also reaping what you sow.

Or, someone "born again." Finally breaking free of their self-isolation and prison. So many different ones, I could go on and on. However, I will say this, "great job...and curiously delicious entry."

God bless~
Very intriguing read. You kept me with you - wherever you were - all the way through,and I love the way you wrapped it up.
This is just brilliant. I was riveted to my seat with every word. This is a powerful allegory and I think it could be interpreted in many ways. In my mind's eye I saw a character of an untold story burning with desire to get out and live forever. That's just one way this could be taken and I know there are many more. Outstanding bit of writing and one of my very favorites. Congratulations for ranking 10 in Masters and 13 overall!