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My Gracious! You do know how to spin a tale! You took me back to the days of growing up in the country, and put a big smile on my face. (except for the bird). Thank you for sharing this excellent piece of writing. This is the kind that makes you wish it was a book!

God Bless, Lynn
Awesome story! You have such depth to the characters that I could see this developed into a novel. I love the funny details like Grandpa's prayers compared to Uncle Donald's. You are a talented writer.
Wonderfully woven tale in the vein of Capote or Faulkner. The characters, the setting the foreshadowing all leads to something more waiting to unfold.
Interesting tale to be sure. You spun a good ole fashioned yarn. But I'm not so sure the topic was highlighted well.
Wow! You have packed so much into this piece. I am super impressed. Your subtle sense of humor delighted me from the description of Ella and Della (love those names, I'm not sure if they are real people but if so it speaks volumes about the parents)to the mental picture of hiding a ham in the dress. I wasn't sure how you were going to bring the topic in, I thought maybe the young MC was blossoming into adulthood) but then when the bird entered the scene I thought it was a brilliant and creative take on the topic. My heart ached for the little MC and my mind went back to the first time I had killed an animal with my car. The scene is still fresh in my mind. I have to applaud your efforts on this piece. One way I can tell a piece is well-written is if the story sticks with me. I have no doubt that this story will be floating around inside of me for some time. Kudos.
Strong characters and vivid descriptions, all infused in a very evocative story.
I thought you'd forgotten the topic until the bird dropped by--(or dropped dead!)Your stories captivate me each week but I think this one tops them all with its attention to detail and creativity. Another winner for sure.
Wow. This is amazing. There is so much here in so few words. I hope the MC (fictional or otherwise) found the answers to her questions.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I also owned that dress...
Nice article. Remind me not to be downrange when you have a gun :) Very descriptive article. I could picture being there!
This reads like the beginning of an old fashioned "literary classic." I almost expected it to go on getting lost in the moment!

Great depth to this multi layered descriptive piece. I felt so sorry for the bird and the young MC but realized that was the impact of the story overall. Nicely done.

God Bless~
Congratulations, Addie! As usual, reading your entries is a pleasure.
Congrats! Blessings~
This is a wonderful story. I loved how an 8-year-old mind tried to sort out spiritual truths. Congrats on your EC.