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Good treatment of the theme. Well done!
You really pulled me into this story and I was entranced from beginning to end. I often will sit and ponder things quite like the MC. You did a wonderful job of writing on topic while delivering a wonderful message.
This is thought provoking and written in an enjoyable way. Good illustration of blessedness.
You've presented a picture of marriage as God intended. I love the realistic dialogue and the understanding that both characters have of how blessed they are, and what their lives might be like without God. The humor was just right, and the story was perfectly on topic.
I could read on and on if there were more of this...beautiful story..if only all couples could see marriage this way!\

God BLess and thank you,

A good, interesting and enjoyable story that is very well written and plausible. Thank you!

Colin (Gold Member)
This conversation was entertaining and profound. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end! A very well written, creative piece.
What a great example of a marriage blessed by God! I like the hint of uncertainty as they searched one another's hearts as well as their own. It shows they were secure in their marriage, but not complacent. Thanks for a delightful glimpse into the lives of a couple who are blessed and they know it.
Very well-drawn characters and interaction, with a positive wrap up. Well done.