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This is beautifully descriptive, from the way you have set the atmosphere right on through to profiling your character's thoughts - but the only way I can connect it with the topic is in the area of funny/peculiar rather than funny/amusing. Maybe I'm slow, but this piece belongs as the introduction to what could be a very absorbing book.
Very well written descriptive entry...interesting and absorbing.

God Bless~
Your story is filled with beautiful poetic description and I could picture everything so clearly. Autumn was alive and burning with emotion. A word of caution thiough, sometimes when trying to create the right atmosphere we can use too many adjectives. I thought the descriptions were a bit overwhelming and didn't really match the story of redeption told here. But you are a good writer and I did enjoy reading this.
You did a great job with this piece. I could really relate to the MC. You were definitely on topic not the ha-ha funny but the wow it's odd funny Nice job.
That first lovely paragraph drew me right in to this beautiful story! Your vivid descriptions put me in the place and in the moment, and the air of mystery at the beginning was very intriguing. I was wondering as I read where the "funny" came in, but then realized you were going for the "odd and unexpected" meaning. CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. with this powerful piece!
Your hometown setting is like a scene from a Thomas Kincade painting [I wanted to visit this place] and so completely contrasts with the horrible murders that devastated your MC. Your creativity in interpreting "Funny" is masterful. I'm so very pleased to see your Editor's Choice award, Loren.
I am intrigued by this piece. Your abundant, crisp and beautiful descriptions serve the setting and place the reader vividly in the moment, as well as allude to symbolic parallels in the MC's life and the general theme of your work. I agree with Noel that it seems like a wonderful novel introduction. It is masterfully crafted!
So sorry I missed this on a quick jaunt through the entries. I would known immediately that it was my lyricist friend. You do description better than anybody! and I love the message. Congratulations on a much deserved EC.
Congrats! Great job! Be blessed!
The pictures you draw with words are spectacular! Writing like yours is what created my passion for the written word at age 10 after tackling 'Gone With the Wind.' It was my official entry into bookwormdom.
Congrats and God Bless~
I agree with Noel that this sounds like book material.