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What funny memories! You did a great job of painting these characters!
Oh my! WHAT FUN! Loved the KFC chicken! You completely captured my attention, imagination, and smile with this. :)
This is a delightful story. I had giggles and nods of recognition as I read. I felt like you took me on a journey to simpler times when everyone helped and the work seemed easier.

Just some tiny red ink. I was confused at the beginning when you said Daddy didn't like picnics but in the next line he got excited. later it made sense but I did have to reread it. I also struggled why Irvin still pays til today for his prank--perhaps because he gets teased for being at the end of the target? perhaps I just don't pick up little details like others do :)

All-in all this was a delightful read and left me with a warm feeling. You did a great job painting pictures for me. I love the image of the baby peeing. Anyone who has changed a boy's diaper gets it! (pun intended)
It was just like the "princess" was talking to just me with her story. I loved it.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I was laughing through this entire well-written and simply delightful piece.

If I had to choose one part that I loved the best, I'd be unable to do it. It was great all the way from the first sentence to the very last. Thanks for this memorable entry!

God Bless~
You had me grinning all the way through. I got lost in your writing and felt like I was a member of the family. One only one red ink - the ending may be a little weak. I don't quite "get" the last line about Irving's stunt and I was left scratching my head. Could just be me. :) Other than that, this story was a hoot - a fun read.
Such great fun to be had and so beautifully told. I wonder, is this an anecdote or a fictional family? I do agree with the other comments about the last line; it would have been a fantastic ending to leave it with "She never did." I really enjoyed this good wholesome fun tale; may we all remember to create long-lasting happy memories for our families. Well done.
This is so funny, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for your memories, i felt as if i were there..God Bless
What a fun picnic story! It sounds like a true one to me, but if not, you really are very creative! :)