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Oh, how encouraging. Well written and fun to read, too.
I love how your MC arrived at the solution. Great title, too!
Awww. This was so good. I loved this pleasant entry. Thank you. God bless~
I love this descriptive piece. Two things instantly came to my mind. The first is that God throws bricks at me to get my attention so I so understand the thump of a two by four. The other thought makes a tingle run up by spine because God is so omnipotent. In Bible study the other day my minister made a comment about all of our baggage. He quickly slipped in that some people tote around empty suitcases to have to fill on their journey through life. First my pale skin turned scarlet and then I burst out laughing realizing that he meant that statement for me. Your story reminded me again of how I worry so and can become bogged down with empty baggage just in case. God doe4s throw bricks at me and your story is one of them. Bless you and congratulations.
Congratulations definitely are in order in this fine piece of writing. I don't know how many sleepless nights I have spent myself encompassing many of those issues you write so perfectly about. Thank you for this entry. It opened my eyes in many ways. Good writing!