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I tried the link and it didn't work. Maybe it can't be broadcast in AUstralia.
Try this:
Out of the mouth of babes.....this is wonderful. I have already passed on the utube link. Yu must be a very thrilled grandmother! Thanks for sharing such a precious moment.
Oh my gosh...this is too precious. When I opened the YouTube video. I was so surprised. I know this sounds strange...But she looks so much like I did at that age!! I was taken aback for a second. It was like looking at myself at three years old! The only thing missing is a beauty mark on the right cheekbone!

Anyhow...This was so precious, and such a lovely treata to view. Children are the jewels of the earth.

Thanks for sharing. I've sent this link on to my friends and mom...who was equally surprised at the uncanny resemblance!

May the Lord continue to bless her and may she grow strong in the Lord.

God Bless you and yours~
This was too cute! My whole family has watched it now. It reminds me of the "3 year old tells Star Wars" youtube video that went viral a few years ago. Only this is better. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Ahhh this is so sweet. I really enjoyed this cute retelling of how Josie made it big (and touched people in ways we could ever imagine)
I loved the video too. What a memory Josie has and what an impression the story made on her. Thanks for sharing this with us.