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This was an amazing entry. The power of Jesus Christ, who can bring us out of the shadows of despair, and into the light of joy was clearly illustrated here. Well written and compelling.

Thank you. God bless~
What a powerful story! I could feel her despair, an emotion only God could heal. Great writing.
Beautifully written and very moving. And the ending was so wonderful, encouraging and true. God is always, always there for us.
Wow this is so powerful. You seemed to masterfully capture the feelings a depressed cutter would go through. The voices that scream insults echoed in my ears.

It seemed to be more desperate or depressed then weary, although I could seem how being so tired of living like that would wear one down.

The ending was perfect. I loved a just a shimmer of hope, of Jesus' love can reach in and tear those walls down.
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