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I love this cute poem. Especially 'the silly cow that jumped over me.' I'm still laughing at that line. Very comical and original for the topic.
Wow! This is "over the moon" creative! I, too, smiled at the moon tired of the cow jumping over it and the dog laughing. Each stanza is so cleverly crafted from additional moon sayings and folklore. I absolutely loved this (and wish I'd written it). This poem has single-handedly made me aware of the moon's plight and I will be more sensitive in the future to just how much we ask of and depend on the moon. :)
Clever and so well written. Excellent job. So original.
God bless~
I love your originality in your work . So fun!
This made me chuckle. a unique approach.

I felt some of the lines were too long and really fouled up the rythm. but then rythm is not my best subject and poetry is so personal.

I had a chuckle at this. Loved it. I still think the moon needs a holday though, with all of what it has to put up with.
Wonderfully fun read! I know absolutely not a thing about poetry or how it should be written, sadly; but, I know I loved it and I understand that counts, too.
Very cleaver!
This poem speaks deep down, stirring up emotions to show the cost He paid and the extent of His love for us. Excellent piece!
Oh I love this. The words just flowed off the screen. When I walk the dog at night I take solace in the moon and stars and wonder how one could look at them and not believe in God. However, it seems like weeks since I last saw the moon out. I know it hasn't been that long at all but I really missed it so your story struck a special chord with me. Congratulations for ranking 19th overall!