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I love this story--the descriptions, the characters, and, most of all, the ending--all right on topic.
Great job! I loved the entire story. So well written. I felt as if I was there for the entire scenario. The conclusion was perfect! Nice job.

Thanks. God Bless~
Great story! Being a huge fan of Winnie-the-Pooh, I could picture Mrs Erston’s “oh poor me—woe is me ” voice tone! I was amazed at how many excuses you came up with for Mrs Erston to spurt off! Sounds like it certainly was a great-huge achievement to get Mrs. Erston to smile! I loved this beginning to end, so well written and a joy read!

Loved this piece.
I'm glad she made "Eeyore" smile. :)

The only suggestion I have, and it's really a minor one, is to try to find some other way to convey her laughter than "Ha ha ha!" It sounds a bit "fake" when reading it, but that could just be me. :)

Great job.
Fun and clever (and I agree with Alison about "ha ha" - and if I had read this before the all clear - I would have known who wrote it :::giggle:::)
I've known some Eeyore's myself, but I don't always have the perseverance of your MC in making them smile. I need to play "Project Eeyore." Love the ending!
Great story! Loved every word of it!

Very good job of showing and not telling!
Great story! I could picture the MC very clearly and can kind of relate to her. I agree with the other's about the "ha-ha's" although that did make me chuckle, picturing the MC doing exactly that. Ha-ha :) God Bless
I love the MC's persistence and determination to bring joy into the grumpy teacher's life. Many of us would have been tempted to give up, but she pulled it off!

Great story. It made me smile. :)
So much fun! Don't we all have some Eeyore's in our lives and what a better attitude to have than to end up in the dumps with them. Wonderfully done!
haha! Yes, I enjoyed this! I almost think I like the Ha Ha Ha, because it fit her character, but then maybe switch it to something else for the remaining laughter.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't have a good grip on exactly who the MC is...

Nevertheless, a great lesson, well showed! :-)
It played like a movie through-out the read. Well done. I did agree with the two red mark comments. The laughter was jarring and I also was uncertain of who the MC was, her position at the school. Not that either of these detracted from the great story.
You took us there - I felt the slimy water (have had experience as I hate to throw away flowers and then the inevitable happens.....
Congratulations for placing 11th in level 4 and 16th overall!