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Awww...What a lovely and touching story that was spot on with the topic.

I loved the ending. I was gritting my teeth praying for a "good outcome."

Nicely done. Thanks.

God Bless~
Such a heart warming story! (After the shock and the anxiety of losing the lemonade money that is.) I felt you tried to fit too much story into the word count toward the end, but I LOVED the ending. Our church kids are working to raise camp money too, and some of them wouldn't be able to go with out the help of their generous church family.
I'm so glad this sweet story ended on a happy note. Yes, the Lord provides!

I once gave a boy $5 for a glass of lemonade just to encourage him to be willing to work for things he wants. I think I was his only customer after hours of sitting in the hot sun. He looked so discouraged when I walked by, so I just had to go back and buy a glass. You should've seen his smile! No permit required!
Ah, yes ... God is so awesome!
This is a sweet story. Well done. :)
What a wonderful story of how God makes everything turn out ok, even when we don't think it will. I was especially pleased with the mothers decision to put the $450 in the offering with a thankful heart. Wonderful! Fabulous work!
Held me to the end. Good job!
I liked the story and, having sent three kids to church camps for year, could really relate to her plight.

Probably just me, but when I read "Ed Clark" toward the end of the story, I didn't immediately think of the officer. I thought you had introduced anew character. Again, it could just be my lack of sharpness showing!
Every single Mom identifies with this story. I loved the story except for the overuse of the word "He" to introduce several sentences. Thanks for another illustration of God's promises to "supply all our needs."
This is a sweet story. I liked the twists and turns it took.
I agree that there was just a little too much story for the 750 words. In some respects, this is a good thing because the story kept me engaged, and I was sorry to see it end. I would caution you to be careful with showing versus telling, and deciding how much detail to include. I felt the story would have worked without the info about Clark and Karen, for example. There are just my own personal opinions, of course. Very creative entry!