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Oh, this reminds of "Al" at my high school. He was a lunch monitor, and I think many, many of us considered to be a "grandpa." He died a few years ago, and was still actively working at school, though it didn't happen at school. They've dedicated the wall he always stood by to him.
I know who wrote this - and I LOVE it. What you've written, and what you do. Beautiful stuff, my sista.
This is an intriguing read and well drawn MC. I'm not clear exactly what MC job is, even after a second read (counselor?) I thought teacher because of reference to first hour Algebra but I guess not. I most liked the brief interactions with so many characters in such a short time...yet so meaningful. Structure of some sentences I think could be a little tighter, but overall flows well. Strong treatment of the topic...Good job!
I love this. I love the idea of God making these appointments with those He wants us to bless each day.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level 4 and 13th overall!