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I really enjoyed this. The beginning grabbed me immediately and the ending was fantastic.

I think your weakest area was creativity because I've read several sample blogs. However, the subject matter was quite fresh.

The message is a great one. I've heard several stories about teachers helping students pass standardized tests so that the school will get more aid.

This is A delightful read!
As mentioned, the blog format was not a unique approach to this week's topic, but your message was clear. I like the personal examples you used to show one aspect of true "progress" in education. Your characters were "real." I thought the opening sentences of your blog could have begun with a bit more flair, as well as the last sentence/paragraph which seemed a bit redundant.
You repeated what you had already shown throughout the piece. A very timely topic that I agree needs to be heard.
Excellent message and so true. Good job bringing a crucial issue to the fore front. God Bless you~
I hear the accuracy of your comments from way Downunder! My wife loves her special needs students (including the one she's married to!) and knows your frustration. Yet despite the frustration, your kids are receiving an unforgettable legacy of God's grace as they sense your respect for them. That legacy can't be measured by tests or funding levels. Hang in there, kiddo.
I understand your concept here in writing a blog about your school system, but I was confused on the dates. If I am reading it correctly, the last date should have had the year 2011 not 2010.

Other than that, you captured life in a blog very well.
I do not know much about blogging, but I appreciate that you have had the courage to show up the deficiencies in a system that could affect the future of so many children. Some children just need that special, individual attention to bring them up to an adequate standard and you have presented this idea very clearly.