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Oh wow! What a story.

I liked the poem format, for the most part, but I thought it was a bit odd that the teacher was talking in rhyme... Unless there's a specific reason ("The Cat and the Hat," for instance) I find it odd for people to talk in rhyming poems. But that's just me. :)

I liked this a lot. And I also hate the... hatred that can come out in blog responses. I find myself using those responses to pray for the people who posted them.
The fact that your story is based on an actual event makes it even more poignant. What a beautiful story.
I think you did a great job telling an interesting story in a poem. You definitely nailed the topic in a creative way.
Spot on with the topic. This was well written, I truly enjoyed it. Very clever. God Bless~
Beautifully done. The rhythm of the poetry was wonderful and the fact that it is based on a true story shows God's amazing work in our lives. I'm glad your grandson is okay! Thanks for sharing this.
It shows real talent to write so clearly and instructively about an event that could have been so traumatic - especially when it happened so recently. You have gathered your thoughts so well.
I liked the poetry format. You were right on with the topic. Great job!