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I loved this! It fit the topic perfectly and made a point dear to my heart. The dialogue would have been better if seperated from the other paragraphs but otherwise it was wonderful. I especially loved the second half.
I really liked it! Right on topic and showed how dependent we all are on the internet and passing that down to our kids as well. Story line good. I esp liked how he "shook his hair like a wet dog." I could see him doing that.
I love the attitude of the librarian, she is great. Old fashioned ways still work, don't they?
I like how it showed the people relating to each other again and not just staying isolated in front of the computer. Good flow throughout.
This was brilliant! I absolutely loved it! It made me long for my "younger days" when things were simmpler, and we had to rely on our brains to look things up without merely plugging into a computer to be our brains.

Fantastic depiction of the characters-modern day versus olden days. Great piece.
Great job! God Bless~
Typo - simpler! should have used "spell check!" LOL.
Loved the title and the story of the "Browser". Well done - and Mrs. Whitmeyer is a wise woman - try new ways, but keep the old; one is silver, the other gold.
This was a delightful story! Yes it does often seem books are in jeopardy and as I myself own a Nook and marvel at how many books I can download on it, still I often find myself missing the feel and smell of a real book! I don’t think computers and e-books will completely supplant books, but your story gives us something to ponder about the future! Real books, I think, still hold sentimental value for our generation but who knows about the future generations. Lots of food for thought in your well written story! Great job! Enjoyed!
This is good writing and I think it will score well on the publishable score. I could see the characters and wanted to be in the room to observe. Good job.

I enjoyed this creative story. You did a great job of keeping it on topic by showing the despair of the boy when the storm knocked ant the computers. This is a nice technology meets old-school story.
This submission was most excellent! I love the way the time in the library came alive for the reader (lucky me!). My parents took me to our local library every week when I was growing up. The rainy days at the library were my most favorite times. Thanks for the 'remembery', my heart is smiling.
Good story which was enjoyable, and as has been said bang on topic. The library must not have been very busy if stories could be read to children - but then USA maybe more laid back than here in the UK. Enjoyed!
You gave due respect to the computer and then saluted the power of "slow." Very strong ending. Good story telling.