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Nice job! I loved the memories of the MCs grandma! And, I can hear my own grandmother in this story too!

Nice job...God Bless~
I found this to be a very interesting story and know that many elders of that time thought TV was a tool of Satan (and today with the junk and trash on there, I dont think they were far wrong!) Im not real sure the reference at the end to computers in general keeps this on topic, but still, it was a fascinating read and very well written. Enjoyed!
Your story's journey through time and television to computers is a fresh take on the topic. Not sure search engine is central to the story. I believe hitchhiked and firstborn are each one word, not two.
I love the idea behind the story and you reminded us of a not-so-long-ago time when life was much simpler.

This was a charming story. I could picture the mother refusing to come to terms with progress. It may have been a little weak for being on tope but it was a delight to read.