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I see you are using the literal words 'search engine' to incorporate into the entry. However, to my way of thinking this is not on topic. There are, at times, phrases that can be looked at from differing viewpoints and create out of the box entries. But, this topic is clear and as a challenge may need to be focused on the real topic.
I love your writing style and find the entry interesting, just not on topic.
This was an interesting way of using the topic. MAVIS-was the search engine. I liked it-it was different and caught my attention, and held it. Nice job. God Bless~
Not sure if this in on topic or not because I couldn’t fully determine if MAVIS was outfitted with a search engine in her robotic brain that helped her gather information. But it certainly was an interesting story, intriguing and futuristic like an episode from a Sci-Fi novel. Had my attention beginning to end and was certainly creative! Great job!
The beginning drew me right in. I sensed a mystery and was not disappointed. In the message boards, Deb did say notto use an engine that was searching for something. Though this is clever and intriguing you may hang missed the target. I think the ending felt a bit rushed and may have been hampered by the word limit. It was an interesting read with some delightful descriptions.