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Excellent. Definitely on topic and proof that truth is often stranger than fiction.
Who said dogs are dumb?
This little opportunist knew just how to create havoc out of harmony.

I absolutely love this story and you tell it so well - I never guessed...

I just had to come back amnd say that having read all of the entries, this is the one that really stuck in my mind.
Even as I recall the story I still have a giggle.

Ha, never would have guessed this was a true story! But I could so see how it could happen.
I just so enjoyed this story. My favourite and a winner for me. Excellent!
This was a funny story and I never would have guessed the ending at all!!! I was thinking to myself, this is ficiton at its finest - totally floored to see it was a true story.

Being an animal lover, I pray that poor little guy was adopted, or found his/her way back home after a hearty meal!

Other than my concern for the pup, I loved this story!
God Bless~
I got a good chuckle out of that. :) One thing to watch for, there were a lot of "just's" in there. It's one that sneaks into my writing too.

Cute story :)
Awesome! I wondered if it wasn't headed that way, but the writing was strong enough that I wasn't disappointed. Too funny that it's a true story!
Dog gone - I loved this for the way you pulled the rug right out from under my chair!
You're right up there with Francis Thompson with his "Hound of Heaven;" though I can well imagine this animal coming from a different place.
Oh, I loved this story! Such a comical assumption from both parties that the dog was theirs! Great job on this!
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level 4!