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Seriously, Herman flowed nicely. In my imagination they get married and raise a beautiful bunch of kids. Write on.
The proposal was based on the "initial meeting" where she loved his comic style and wit...So I can see where he brought levity into the proposal. I liked it, and I feel he will get the bride when he tells her "in earnest" how much he cares. Nice job! God Bless~
A great story - well written and enjoyable. Hope it works out for him! (I was though a little confused by the introduction of 'Henrietta' in the middle of the story - guess it was in error?)
It stalled me too when Harriet suddenly seemed to become "Henrietta", when talking about the job situation?? Otherwise an interesting story, that although seems lighthearted carries a serious message. I agree with Harriet, there is a time and place for joking and a time when we need to be serious. Enjoyed the read.
Let me say that I think I KNOW you meant Harriet rather than Henrietta. I know full well what it's like to think about several names for characters, settle on one, but have the other one linger in your head. At least, I think I'm right. I loved the easy intimate voice of your MC, it flowed along, giving us sufficient insight into his thoughts. Your title was SO appropriate, just perfect.
Congratulations for placing 9th in Masters and 14th overall.