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Incredible parallels here, and told with graceful imagery and poise-of-words. Deeply compelling and yet touchable - a valuable combination! Something to stir the literature buff in all of us. :-)
You paint a very clear picture of the tower of Babel, frozen at the moment of its never to be finished construction.
God did indeed ensure that the nations were scattered.
The parallel to Ozymandias is well illustrated and his haughty claim to 'look upon my work you mighty and despair,' is also shown in the tower of Babel.
The ALL-Mighty did indeed look, but did not despair.
I love the way you keep the energy building through this piece to its empty, arrogant conclusion - before lifting our hearts to seek God's best over our own inventions.
outstanding poetry!
Your tower of Babel poem masterful in message and poetic vision! Fantastic job!
Beautiful!, Masterful! I love it when I'm forced to pick up my dictionary!! Much deserved congratulations on your win.
Yay MARGARET! AWESOME work - congratulations!