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I really enjoyed this! Delightful!
This stirs memories. I've prepared for a few of the girls that, thankfully, didn't show, and two that did.
Delightful read! You got me!
Another fun entry! I was starting to suspect "Emily" might be a surprise but the ending still managed to surprise me. Good job!
So Emily was the "Gust of Honour!" Very cleverly-constructed entry, with only a slight clue about what was imminent, until your punchline.
This is great! Now that I know 'who' - or should I say what - Emily is I quite like "Mom". Thought she was a silly Mom but actually she wasn't really ... :-) Very good article. Liked the SMS reality in it, too!
Delightful read! Had me fooled, I thought mom was just running around like I do when my grown kids come home for a visit! LOL Excellent job on this!
Loved it!
What a most delightful and fun story. Congrats on your placement!
Oooh, that was hilarious Vonnie! I had no idea that it was going to turn out that way. LOL for using "Dither" I love that word. (and I'm glad that Zack would get a chance to hang out with Alex. The texts were a cute detail). Congrats on a well-deserved EC! ^_^