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There aren't too many people who are happy to hear the doctor say that our time here is nearly at an end - so I can understand why the character calls herself a 'weirdo.'
You show the eternal perspective very well. Your metaphors are strong and sound throughout the piece, although you never fully explain where she lost contact with the person she was caring for.
I know that the word limitation does not allow much leeway but for me that explanation was rather crucial.
However, overall, this was a very good read.
I had to read the first line again to see that this is timed after the death. Maybe ..."that Fred is now okay..." might have made this clearer, but otherwise it's an enjoyable read. Your MC now knows of the FUN in funeral (see my entry) but tucked into the humour is the solid truth that this is not the end Very well done.
I found this very humorous, while at the same time messaging serious truth! Well done and enjoyable read!
Congratulations on placing 8th in Masters and 14th overall!