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This touches the heart if it all and will bring peace to many. Thank you for sharing this obviously spirit led piece.
This story really impacts the reader at heart level.
Everything written rings so true as the joy overcomes the pain.
The lady's attitude reflects the way in which so many of us would wish to face death.

A sad but enjoyable read and very touching.
Beautifully written.
I love how you told this sad story with hope. You gripped my attention at the first sentence and held it. Excellent work.
Joan!! How lovely to see you here!

The writing in this piece is FANTASTIC. Just fantastic. I love it.

I don't know how many marks you will get for creativity but seriously...who cares? :)

I was a little confused in the beginning. With talk of nurses etc. I envisioned the MC as a patient in the hospital. I was surprised when she got dropped off at home.

Even with a little pink ink, this entry is Tops! Very skillfully composed. What a treat to read your writing again, Joan!

Beautiful story. You "showed" the mind of a terminal patient well, along with the desire to spare her loved one grief.
What a Masterpiece! This rings as true as if the writer has really lived it, herself. The journal, even with only one entry, is already a keepsake.
The still, small voice gets stronger as you take us through this journey, perfecting God's strength in your MC's weakness. Inspiring work.
I have often wondered if I received a death sentence, would the things I'm fighting so hard for today really matter? What would matter? This is a beautifully written story. I love how you portray the comfort given by the Holy Spirit, and then the mother passing that same comfort on to her daughter.
Congratulations on your EC for a truly well written story.
First I'm delighted to read your work again and it amazes me you were inspired to write this story now. I had a near death experience last week in the hospital. God is incredible and your words gave me chills.