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Verna, I love your ending! That last line is perfect!
Personally, I would love to see a little more imagery to spark my imagination - but then, I'm a huge metaphor person, so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. :-)
Great job!
Very Good! Perfect flow through to the finish and then a first class finish indeed!
Perfect poetry per usual! Loved this!
Ha Ha Ha! I know the feeling!
Oh, I love the ah-ha moment, then on a re-read it makes perfect sense, it all fits together. :) Great work!!
This is an inspiring and timely piece for graduates everywhere. Great flow, rhyme, rhythm, and of course I hear the strength of the message throughout this lovely poem.
Teehee. What a fun twist, I sure didn't see it coming--and I was looking for the hints. LOL. Maybe I should fix a puzzle or two more often. Fun read!
Aww, how cute! HeHe! This had me laughing at the end. Here I am thinking of some great, huge goal that the person has accomplished -- maybe even getting to heaven after a life of serving God or something -- and then everything switches to something so simple. (But I know the feeling. Jigsaw puzzles can become a real big deal. ;) )

This, I must say, was utterly brilliant!
Great and real fun! I didn't guess the ending but when I got there, it made me smile!
This is great! I laughed at the last line as doing a puzzle is harder for me than college!

Congratulations for ranking 12th in your level!
What a great poem and a wonderful surprise ending. I laughed out loud, knowing you loved throwing this curve ball out to all your readers! It was a delightful read and something so typical of you, you tease! I love it!