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I loved this and could not stop reading. Very well written - thanks for sharing your work!
Awesome tale of an horrific time and evil incarnate--very well written. Paced exactly right, it kept me almost breathless until the end, when I felt myself gasp in horror (even though the end wasn't really a surprise). Excellent!!
Wow, you did it justice (if that's possible for such a horrific time). I love the way you skillfully kept the reader in suspense concerning what he carried in his pocket. Your story haunts and makes us remember what should not be forgotten. Excellent work!
Very well written and gripping.
A blond-haired, blue-eyed Jew would be blessed at that time in history indeed! You handled this subject very nicely; not giving away too much in the beginning, but allowing the reader to fit the pieces together as they go. Chilling ending, well-delivered.
Wow what A story! I enjoyed every but of it. The ending took me by surprise, though the thought of it is horrific. It's good to be reminded of the horrific things that happened so long ago and it's an original way to give him a taste of the horror. May we never forget.
Amazing and heartbreaking story, brilliantly written. You draw back the curtain a little more on the unspeakable atrocities of Auschwitz.
You caught my interest and held it strong. The tension and suspense mounted, and then you delivered, in a big way! Fantastic!
Chilling. Absolutely chilling. Wow. You wrote this so well--the suspense and the real terror that was alive during that time. Really nicely done! ^_^