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Not really sure how I feel about this story. It’s written well, no doubt about it, and I enjoyed reading it. It could be a true story but I was puzzled with the ending.

I had a little bump at Susan Boyle—I had to do a file search in my brain for the reference. Maybe a descriptive tag like ‘UK’s Star Search (or whatever program it was) phenomenon Susan Boyle’ would help.
Neat story -- Marge sure lived up the the reputation of mystery that you assigned to her in the beginning. I can't help wondering what really happened to her ... but although she can't really be an angel, maybe she did get a chance to sing with them.

Well done. You drew me in.
I'm glad you mentioned our Susan. I'd no problem with your story, I believe in angels among us that we are unaware of. I have a story or two about that, as I'm sure most Christians have. Enjoyed, thanks!
I really liked your story. For me comparing her singing voice to Susan Boyle gave me a mental picture of Marge and how well she sang. I liked that Marge didn't have any money but still gave all she had her time. Many people feel having an angel as the twist or that everything was a dream is an easy way to wrap everything up. But I felt you left the ending open-something horrible might have happened to her or she may have been an angel. Nice job.
This reminds me very much of a story pulled out from the TV series, 'Touched by an Angel.'

I believe in angels, so this story, to me, is not something I cannot accept. In fact, I believe I may have met some angels unknowingly, especially strangers who just happened to be around to give a helping hand when I am lost in an unknown place.

A very interesting read and an unusual take on the topic. Excellent work!

Good to see you writing again. This was truly interesting. Certainly one to make me think. Thanks for writing it.