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I so embrace your heart's cry.
Your poem borders on one of my favorite by Amy Carmichael which ends this way: "Let me not sink to be a clod: Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God!"

Great devotional, and excellent job with rhythm.
I love everything about this poem... the rhyme and rhythm are perfect. But I mostly love the message you have expressed so perfectly and that I relate to. When I can put a name to this poem I will keep it in my bible. Thank you.
Beautiful poetry--beautiful inspiraton.
How many times have I wanted to pray this prayer but not known the words to say. This is a beautiful reminder of our need to stay in God's awesome presence.
Your poem so aptly expresses what Sir Francis Drake implored centuries ago. It seems to be part of the human condition - our faith, like dying embers needed to be breath of the Holy Spirit to stir/fan us. Well done!
well written and heartfelt. I especially like the first line. That's how God wants us to come before Him.
This is beautiful, the verse you whose was perfect.
Congratulations on EC placing with this wonderful poem!
Oh my dear friend, this is your heart's cry and mine, too. This is so beautifully written, so sensitively developed that all Christians can relate to it, especially at this time when our nation and the world is in such need of a massive fanning of The Flame.

I'm so proud of you for entering this poem. It's such a well-deserved win!! I love you!
Congratulations on your EC! I knew this was a winner when I read it the first time!
Congratulations, friend! What beautiful poetry from your poetic heart---I'm thinking that even when embers lie seemingly dormant, they may not be dying embers. Rather the hidden fires can be burning more deeply to produce even greater light and warmth when the conditions are just right. I think that depth is revealed in your poetry. Hugs!
Really, really beautiful. So glad this will be published for others to read and be encouraged by.

Do you know the rest of that poem by Drake? :)

"Start with me, one little ember,
So a roaring flame ignites,
May a holy conflagration
Lift our nation to new heights."

Agree! Let it be!

This is an entry I would like to share with friends who are pray-ers...they would "see" the significance of their seemlingly little ember's.

Thank you! Uplifting and encouraging.
Really touches deep into the heart and soul. Thank you for writing this and sharing it.
"Some Christians are good enough people: they are like wax candles, but they are not lighted. Oh, for a touch of flame! " (Spurgeon)