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Exquisite. An evocative sense of connection between man and nature
Really beautiful; the tension and the waiting, combined with the scenery, felt so real. Great job!
The voice is exactly right, the descriptions excellent, and the story line compelling. Awesome story!
Wonderful and descriptive. A great read!
Your opening and closing lines are perfection, and the stuff in between is great, too!
Awesome story of young love.
Lovely setting and description. I really liked the "feel" of this piece. -Enjoyed the story, too!
Great job! You had me from beginning to end.
Stunning! I was holding my breath, and was not disappointed. Thank you.
I so enjoyed your descriptions, at took me back in time to summer Great job.
Beautiful! You grabbed me with the first sentence and held me throughout. I like the melodic voice.
I loved the "simplicity" of your words, sentence structure. It lent itself to "showing" the singular purpose of the young brave . . . even the simplicity of the lifestyle. Well written. (I detect shades of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.)
Congratulations, dear Friend, on being #1. I knew this was a wonderful piece the first time I read it. I'm so proud of you!
Exquisite, rich with words and showing. The voice is just right for this piece. Congratulations on your well-deserved win. Enjoy the moment and permit yourself to rejoice. Great accomplishment.
Fantastic! I could feel it all. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Simply beautiful. Congratulations on your first place!!
Wow--this is so gorgeous! Congratulations on a very well-deserved win for this lovely story! So happy for you, my friend.
Very nice. I found myself right in the middle of the hunt. Congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE WRITER! (I'm really excited this story won, can you tell?)
And what is the word for "Master Story Teller?"
This was beautiful. Congratulations on the 1st Place and EC.
Gripping, graphic, and GRAND!

I'm so thrilled to see that your story took top honors! Outstanding and masterful and all those other great things everyone else has already said!

CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st place EC!
This a wonderful piece about young love and bravery. I loved the tone from beginning to end.

Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place award.
Congrats Eliza on FIRST PLACE! A super entry.
I didn't say much about your story. It is one of the top ten I have read here. Your voice was pitch perfect, the rhythm was smooth as a skilled musician and the story was packed full of life. OUTSTANDING, honestly. GREAT JOB!
WOW, ELiza! I've missed you AND your writing. Congratulations on 1st place, it's well-deserved.
Your story seemed so authentic and the graphic descriptions and bit of suspense added to your prowess as a writer. Well done!
Eliza, Congratulations of being awarded Best of the Best with this amazing story. You put the reader in the middle of the hunt! Again, super congrats!
Eliza, I am so, SO glad you are a BoB runner-up, because otherwise, I would not have read this gorgeous piece. Absolutely evocative and incredible. Congratulations!!
Very unique piece with outstanding story telling. Glad to see this in the BOB winners!
I'm so glad reading your interview led me here! What a marvelous treat! Your writing style is wonderful! Congratulations on your BoB runner-up!
How lovely to find that my new friend came 2nd in Best of the Best. And, so incredibly well deserved too. The voice of this character rings so true. Beautiful writing!
What a beautiful story. As I read your words, I seem to go to that place, with them. Amazing! I would have given you first place! God bless!
I wanted to re-read this masterpiece. We fellowship with many native Americans here in the SW and what I love about your story is your authenticity to the native thinking. You are so spot on with the way you phrase Wachichi's thinking. This is wonderful!