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A very moving and well done story of Ruth--I enjoyed it immensely.
Very good writing; a creator of great lines you are. Very enjoyable read, I even took notes. I love reading talent and you displayed much here. Great job.
I love the story of Ruth and Noami. Very nice job bringing it to life.
This was incredibly well written. Loved it. Ruth is probably my favorite person in the Bible. Great job!
The title captured my attention and the story did not disappoint. Wonderfully written.
Talent indeed! A well crafted piece. Eloquent recounting of a familiar biblical story.
"And though the early-morning chill hints of winter, in her eyes I see the hope of spring."
One example, among many, of masterful imagery, and a perfect fit for a concluding line.
At first I thought this was going to be a story of pioneers coming west. Then I found it interesting how timeless the story of seeking a better place for your family is.

I love a good "fleshed out" Bible story. Good job showing us Naomi process through her winter season of life.
Your use of "back-story" in the middle was so very effective. [I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but I don't know it.] Your words sing [and glide, and warm] in this story. I love it!
Your final sentence gave me a thrill akin to what I feel when reading the literary greats. Wonderfully crafted.
A really lovely rendering of a part of Ruth's experiences - Thanks!
I was pretty sure thiswas the story of Ruth. You did a great job showing what life must have been like for her. Great job.
Beautifully written, bringing to life the story of Ruth and Naomi. I like the way you show the character of Ruth, and her willingness to work and glean among the reapers. It is so befitting. Enjoyed the read.
Loved the glimpse of Naomi!
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award, Carol. I love this story!
Well done on your achievement.
You have retold the story of Ruth in a wonderful way.
This was just BEAUTIFUL ! The story of Ruth has always been one of my favorites and you've treated it with such grace! What a treat it was to read it and what a well-deserved honor you received!
Wonderful story. You helped us to feel the real-life emotions of the original. Well done.