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Very well written, and a compelling portrait of what so many of God's children went through. Thank you.
Speechless! Thank you for sharing! Well written...should be read by all! Loved it, tugged at my heart on so many levels. God bless...keep sharing!
Wow! You made that so real for me. I can't even begin to describe the emotions and thoughts that your words brought out in me. I can say Wow again though for that describes it best.
Hmm. So much emotion in this piece and it's too real sometimes, for what some folks endure because of something like skin color. I really enjoyed this--thanks for sharing!
Powerful and evocative. Great stuff, Mel.
Excellent. Vividly captures the injustice of segregation.
I was reminded of those beautiful words from Song of Songs: "Dark am I, yet lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem" God loves his people whatever tone or hue they may be.
I want to say "Ditto" to what everyone else has said. I concur with all their glowing accolades. This is beautiful, emotional, powerful. Well done, indeed.
Compelling and thought inducing. Excellent from beginning to the wonderful conclusion.
Sad truths, giving a tug at the heartstrings. Social inequity is always a problem, and we as Christians ought to pray and remember the gospel is to reach everyone—for we are all created in the image of God.
Love the format and the message of this piece. You gave your read much to think about. Good job.
A big CONGRATS on your EC win.
This was not a "still birth." :-) So much truth clothed in creative dress.

Loved it!
Masterful. Excellent. Congratulations on your EC!
Excellent and very moving. Many congratulaions on your well deserved win.
Excellent, thought-provoking and powerful in its simplicity. A well-desreved win.
Congratulations on #1 for this outstanding poem. So true--so wonderfully expressed.
This is beautiful, and poignant - well done. This completely held me to the end. Congrats too on your placement:o)
Simply excellent! Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award, Melanie!
Once again you excel! Congratulations on your well deserved EC for this fine, emotional, and thought provoking piece.