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I enjoyed reading this. Good job!
I really enjoyed this. There were a few references I only picked up from visiting Universal Studios. I do remember how desperately I wanted to see that film but my wise mother knew I was subject to horrible noght terrors and she wisely forbade it. I asked how old I had to be to see it and she told me when I was an adult. Yet after all these years I don't want to see it because my mom was right. Thank you for pulling me into this verse. It was a nice jaunt down memory lane. I really enjoyed it.
As your usual, this is amazingly poetic and poignant. Your words paint images! You also implanted that 1/2 step from E to F into my brain. :) [We, too, work on the piano to figure out those famous musical hooks. (By the way, I love that detail in your poem.)
Does your poetry flow as naturally and beautifully as the finished product seems? With just a hint, you tell a lot of story. Masterful poem!
This is pretty amazing. Your poem took me places I could see and feel and that made it worth reading for me.
I like the part about living on the Rock -- that the fears of this life, whether from childhood or otherwise, are no match for the power of Jesus' protection of His children.

I'm sure glad I've never seen Jaws! But I enjoyed your poetry as usual. It is as deep and refreshing as the sea itself.
You make my case for not swimming in the ocean. Extremely 'deep' writing this week. Great job.
Excellent poem. Very vivid images and the careful choice of words. I didn't get some of the references, but I knew what you were writing about.
I completely missed the plot on my first read through. Now I can see why so many people are raving about this entry.
Peter Benchley wrote a number of other novels that are easily as good as Jaws but sadly not as well known. For those of you who enjoy a good scare by the shore, check out your local library!
I found myself chuckling several times. Good poem with a quick flow to it...I liked the reference to the Rock. I also find it amazing how you turned it around at the end and used it as a metaphor for your father. Quite interesting approach.
One of the 3 movies my own father took me to. I loved the images your poem creates, and the memories and hope you describe so lyrically.