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Fabulous! Excellent in every way.
So very clever - enjoyed this so much - and LOVE that last stanza especially!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your premise. This is wonderful (words, meter, rhyme, and creativity) and your message shines!!!
Terrific imagery. Given the last paragraph, I would say it's allegorical. Nicely done.
Ditto all of the above! I think this would be great in one of those photo style giftbooks.
Excellent illustration of Psalm 14:1 showing how some refuse to believe because they do not see, yet despite all odds, the Lord unveils Himself to them.
Excellent...imagery, flow, rhythm. I thoroughly enjoyed the powerful message of this poem as well. Great job.
I love the message you so expertly versed in this poem. Only one line (in the ostrich stanza) made me trip on the meter. I like how you changed up the rhyme in the last stanza - a very effective ending. Excellent job!!!
Wow! This just oozes so much talent. I feel enlightened after reading it just once. There are so many places that this could be used to spread a few different messages. Outstanding! You and God deserve acstanding ovation on this one!!
I loved this until I got to the end, then I really loved it. You had some great lines and insights in this piece - it really "shined" for me. :o)
Wow! This is [i]amazing[/i]! I absolutely love this allegory that shows very clearly and creatively how much of the world views the existence of God. For those living in darkness, it seems silly to believe in the Son. But in the end, those who deny His existence are the fools.
If you don't mind, I think I'm going to print myself off a copy of this.

Hope it does awesome in the rankings!
Oops. Guess I should have put amazing! HeHe! Oh well.
Excellent! I love this - great job - as always!
Congratulations!!! I knew this piece would do well. ;)
So glad this was so high in the placings! Loved it!
FABULOUS, Verna! Congrats!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy to see this place. I loved it!
Excellent Verna. A fantastic poem - full of lessons. Congratulations on your win.
Verna, just wanted to say how excited I was to see this on the EC list! Super congrats, twin! <3 :)
A well deserved place and EC. Great message, well told, superb last verse to wind things up. This is all that poetry should be (IMHO)
Fantastic double entendre here - fun and wonderfully metered. Congratulations on your EC!