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Wow - this one left me with tears sticking in my throat ... very emotional piece... in fact, it's left a feeling in me that I can't define. Very powerful.
Superb writing. This will tug at the emotions of every reader with varying impact, depending upon their view of hunting and man's best friend.
What marvelous pictures you painted here--and you truly played a harp at my heartstrings!
This is truly amazing. I love how you wove the two stories together. Love this.
I'm so amazed by the talent shown in this piece. It brought out so many different feelings in me.
Oh my... I have no words. Incredible.
I'm speechless! You've taken the English language and wrapped it around your fingers, sculpted it to just the right form. Indescribably artful!!
Because of the lack of punctuation, I had a little trouble putting this together. However, you created some very clear pictures. I especially felt for the speaker in the last scene, since my own dog died on a vet's table. I think you did a great job.
A poignant story, creative format that will touch the hearts of many. Well done indeed!
Wowzers. I hope you intend to publish your poems one of these days. FaithWriters isn't big enough to contain what you have to offer. This was beautifully well-written; it took my breath away.

P.S. I'll be the first in line to purchase your book, for sure.
So sweet! Bittersweet that is. And touching. I loved how the story and the Scripture that it marked helped to comfort the character in the end.

Your poetic style is unique and engaging.
There is no glory in man's victory over the lives of God's created creatures. You've captured very well in your poem a subtle introspection of the underlining truths in drawing the attention of your readers to understand both sides of the coin from the perspective of the media and its audiences. Excellent work!
I've come to accept that the reader doesn't read your work; he experiences it. I did with this magnificent work.
The most powerful images in what you didn't say.
Great job, and Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC!
This was brilliantly written. Excellent story and message! Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!
Holy moly. What an amazing piece. Brilliant and touching. Loved it...congratulations.