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Oh Wow! I'm guessing the judges won't overlook this masterpiece. It starts out like it might not be beautiful poetry...then it begins to soar. Your metaphor of the butterfly is superb. As for your definition of e-mail, this is right-on: man-made messages made eternal.
Highly creative with a beautiful, sustained contrast. I particularly enjoyed the allusions to Greek mythology although I confess that I get didn't grasp the reference to Ishmael. A master wordsmith
Wonderful imagery. This reminds me of poems I had to read for some English courses.Definitely not a quick read, and certanly out of that proverbial "box." I might have shortened it, because at some point,it seemed you went beyond the perfect ending.
Wow! Gorgeous, thought-provoking, beautiful phrases and images. I loved this about the butterfly, "She cannot but be a poem written in -- The wind..." and the image of the "stroke of key on keyboards burning indeible tattoos into space." Amazing work!
Very, very, very good! I loved some stanzas more than others, but the overall piece was outstanding, and when you decided to throw down some images, it was some of the best I have read. And that may have been your intent, the contrast of cold technology and the beauty and breath of life. Either way, bravo, some of these stanzas are Level Five stuff. Excellent job. I truely enjoyed the read and was inspired. The title is awesome too.
I admire poets. You are so creative. Your imagery is vivid. Quite an endeavor. Good job!
Excellent! I love how you carried the comparisons throughout. It was a bit difficult for me to relate at first because of my own frame of reference - I've never considered cyber communication to be one of the reasons man considers himself more powerful than God. Gave me something to think about.
This is beautiful. The phrase poem of the butterfly really touched my heart.
Your imagery is outstanding! It might just be me, but it seems that the butterfly verses flow and flutter, and the "digitized" are more staccato and harsh. I'm in awe of the beauty and depth of this poem. Again - Outstanding!!