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What a beautiful story about the power of friendship and how it triumphs the most vicious of rumors.

My favorite line: "I, in the spring of my days and she in her autumn, melded together a most glorious Indian Summer season that true to its namesake, was all too short." I LOVE this descriptive writing!

Fantastic writing!
This was a delightful story. The characters are wonderful and charming. You did a great job on this one.
Such a sweet, sweet story. Loved the tickle about the diamond at the end :-)
I enjoyed this story of friendship and mystery. Good job!
This is a beautiful story, pure pleasure to read. I was going to give my favorite line, but Sarah beat me to it.
This is so lovely. Your writing is lyrical and such a pleasure to read. Loved it.
An absolutely heart-warming story! Not only children need an Annie Marie in their lives. I suspect your MC would have not gotten far in life without this wonderful woman's encouragement and support.

I would love to read more of their story and believe this could make a great novel.
I noticed a little action gap in the beginning just before Barney threw his rock, but otherwise everything fit together perfectly. And I liked how the rumors turned out to have some truth in the end. Great job!
"I'll never forget the pure joy" I had from reading this lovely story. I wish I had an Annie Marie when I was a child. Beautifully written, almost poetic in its flow.
Absolutely delightful, rich with warmth and love. A sure winner!
I loved this, Mona! And 11th place too. This was grand. I loved the characters and how you involved all of my senses, including my heart that was touched by such a great story. I only wish it could have been longer; a testiment to your great characterization.
Congratulations for placing 8th in this level and 11th overall!