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This was delightful - I enjoyed every word! I could have easily digested another 750 of them!
Absolutely charming tale of a not-so-charming human habit. I loved reading it; it drew me right in. Dialog was perfect; the self-talk, oh my, I could just picture that guy frettin' away over stuff that wasn't his business. So very human and real. Wow.
This was an absolute delight! I chuckled several Tims. You have wonderful comedic timing. Well done
In me opinion, I think this will rise to the top o' the charts! So well done.
Loved it. Particularly the MC's 'delicate' Missus
I love your MC's voice! The dialect is awesome - I can hear him talking. You used some wonderfully unusual and clever words and phrases, which made this even more fun to read. The ending may have dropped off a little quickly - I was expecting another line - but that would be my only critique of this fabulous entry.
Fabulous! I loved every word! So much fun!
"She just clobbers the bread..." laugh, snort, wheeze, laugh, breath, cry, laugh. I've read about 60 stories or so and that's absolutely the best line in all of them. Entertaining, fun, great voice for your mc, good use of topic...I could go on and on.
EXCELLENT. I hope this does well!
This is priceless! I loved the country voice. Good job.
Congratulations on your EC!
Such vision, passion and control of language. One of my favorites. And congratulations on your EC placement.