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I loved the friendship revealed through the dialogue here. The touches of humor, with characters o real I think I know them made this a favorite story for me.
NO ONE does humor like you! You so expertly insert touches of humor after you completely draw the reader into your story. Amazing writing, heart-warming, humorous, great dialog and interaction ...I didn't want this story to end!
I love how you developed all these characters so quickly. So funny and I Love Love Love your title;)
I loved the paragraph describing what the grandma was wearing when she came out. Vivid imagery indeed. Sure glad the chocolate may not be missing after all. Great read!
This was a fun read. It gave me a nice chuckle. Your characters were quite the characters! I enjoyed the whole story immensely and I've never heard of St Augustine's appraisal of the Holy Spirit talking to one another but I love the idea of it.
I could so relate to this one (having had elderly parents live with me). Loved your humorous touches and the poignancy of the situation.
What wonderful characters! I enjoyed the humor and also the compassion that came through in this. Very nice.
Hehehe Seems like a bit of a role reversal here. I love it. I'm thinking Grandma Berta is smarter than anyone is giving her credit for. :)
I loved this line: "Maybe the chipmunks got them." Words I was thinking, but they came from Mel's mouth...

Humor amidst a tough situation. I enjoyed this. Keep writing!
Excellent from the first line to the last. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
I'm afraid that I didn't get your allusion to Augustine. I've read his Confessions and more recently I waded through a biography of his life and teachings. So if I didn't get it, it's probably a bit too obscure. That said, your story works perfectly well even without the philosophy.
This is absolutely gorgeous! I loved the depth of characters, the humour, the wisdom - everything in fact. Great, great job Lisa!
With a slight nod to St. Francis of Assisi as well, I think those chipmunks just may have had some indwelling in that conversation, too. I mean they did have to contend with those erratic tire treads into the garage and those unyielding and accusations. Dear creatures that they are (that we all are) yes, I think they had their say, too. Glad it worked out for everyone : )
At first, the telling of a story just MUST be interesting. This story does that to the apex. It is just plain interesting!
Then, the voice is pure fun. The characters are so believable.
All these elements add up to a winner.

Another masterpiece. Real live, likable, believable characters. Story had great pace. The plot had an authentic feel to it and the entire piece flowed very smoothly. I even learned a thing or two. And yes, very clever title :)
God bless.
Great sense of humor! I like the part where Mel said "when Christians talk with one another, they were really talking with Jesusas He lives within us. Hmmm." A very interesting read I enjoyed thoroughly.
Fun characters and great descriptions. Good job! Though, for the record, we have plenty of chipmunks at our house, and I wouldn't put it past them to sneak inside to steal our chocolate. ;)
If literature gives order to human experience; if it explores cultural values; if it demands an emotional response from the reader ...
Then this is literature. I lived in your story and was invested in each event. I loved it all, except it had to end.
- Herny C.
Congratulations on your EC! War to go!!
Congratulations! I knew it was a winner!
Yay, Lisa! This is a deserving entry. So much subtlety woven in the story, true to your excellent style. Well done.
Congratulations, Lisa. Knew from the get-to this was a winner! Loren
This is another great one. And such a touchy subject. I was right there in the room with you. Way to go, role model.
Lisa, Super congrats to you and the chipmunks! Coffee? :)
I forgot to mention, this was not only the definition of literature, but the definition of classic, award winning literature by a true professional. Great story. I learn a lot each time I read an entry from you. Thank you. And I sincerely congratulate you on your placement.
Wow. #3. You never cease to amaze me.
Congratulations on your EC! You did a great job. :)
Great title! Congratulations!
This is priceless. Congratulations on your EC. Great job!
After reading your comments, I wanted to read your work as well. You set a high standard for those of us still observing this wonderful class call FaithWriters. Congratulations on a terrific and entertaining story - and on a well-deserved EC. God Bless.
Very creative:) Your work inspires me to be a better writer ... wait, that sounds like Jerry Mcguire, well you had me at ... Anyway, congrats on being recognized as the great author you are. God bless.
Fabulous, as usual, friend. Well-done!
Lisa! When you write it seems nothing is out of place. The delicate and placid way you can use dialogue to build vivid characters will remain unmatched by the rest of us. I would call 911 if chipmunks got my caramel candy. Stan...