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This is a touching story. I too love the smell of lilacs and I smiled at the little girl's adventure in getting them. You also pulled on my heartstrings. You did a great job weaving the two parts of the story together.
I enjoyed so much this introduction to a delightful child, so full of heart she was willing to get a spanking for taking a gift to her teacher, as well as eating an onion/potato sandwich to keep from hurting a friend's feelings. Surely a foreshadowing of the woman she would become. The story pictures a special era when times were hard and neighbors shared and cared. Lots to think about here. Definitely on topic.
A very touching story indeed! How well you wrap an emotional story around your memories of lilacs. The story pulls you in from the very start...Yes! You would have a deep connection with lilacs, from a lesson on "stealing" to a lesson on "compassion." I was with you there in that hot, cramped neighbour's house, smelling the overpowering aroma of lilacs...Very good! Hope this story rates high in the scores of the judges...Helen
The MC in this story stole my heart. The common thread of the lilacs was woven through this piece beautifully.
Such a sad tale about the babies. I'm glad the MC had compassion and a sweet spirit for her friend.
A masterful presentation of compassion...I could almost smell the lilacs! You have such a way with words, Mariane, and I love hearing the stories you tell from the "olden" days!
You made me cry over your beautiful true-life story. Your powers of description are unmatched. This is a keepsake for sure and a winner in my book.
Yes, a keepsake, a winner and a downright treasure to say the least. Everything about this is superb. Boy, I should have read this while seeking to get a grip on myself today.:)
I remember the smell of lilacs from my visits to Rochester, New York. So yummy. But there can be too much of a good thing.
Your telling on this story made in come alive for me. I could see it so clearly. So believable and haunting, yet lovely at the same time. Your writing is top-notch as well. Just splendid and one I won't forget anytime soon.