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Splendid! It sang a song to my heart. Thanks
This is beautiful and speaks to the passage in the Bible when the body parts are arguing. Beautiful job.
This is superb and I can just see a group of children on stage, each reciting a different stanza. It might even be set to music.

What a clever and lovely poem!
This is so clever. I love how you personified each of the plants in such probable ways. I too could imagine children performing this.
It's so true how we tend to think someone else is getting all the attention, or that they are better. A good reminder tha God made us each how we are for a reason.
This lovely rhymed poem fit the topic perfectly. Repeating the first verse as the wrap up for this piece was quite effective. Good job.
Awesomely beautiful! I loved this from beginning to end.
Absolutely lovely! Reflected something of human nature and the powerful message that each of us needs to do what God created us to. Loved the "sage" advice at the end - very clever.
Me thinks this is sensational and will be HIGHLY rated by the judges as well!

You are an expert when it comes to poetry, my friend, and I think this is one of my favorites.

I too thought of the different parts of the body and their importance. I'm sure that's what you intended. Super!
My heart, soul and mind frolicked in the radiance of this melding rainbow of fun!
Dear Poet - you never cease to amaze me with the wealth of creativity lying in wait in your soul. A symphony of fragrances is just ---words fail me! This is designed to be another winner, for sure.
Very well crafted! I liked Chamomile and Lemon Balm. lol
This is simply excellent! Wonderful rhyme and rhythm. I love how you rhymed some of those multisyllable words. I loved this.
Extremely creative, flowing, visual, yet stirs the memory of so many delightful scents. Well orchestrated :)
The flowers were not quite the silent symphony your first verse suggested. I would like my garden to be as fragrant.
I like how the first verse clashed with what took place next. I thought it was going one way but it took a completely different turn. Great message too. Your meter and rhyme both were both well done.
I loved every part. You are so talented. Oh to have such talent! Blessings, Ruth
What great combination of fragrance the outdoor boutique must be! I like the way you describe the different scent, the aroma and the stirring up of memory.
The repetition of the first stanza is perfect!
Congratulations on your EC!
Just beautiful. Made me want to go outside and 'smell the roses'. Congratulations!
Verna, I've read this several times this week and enjoyed it fully each time.
Your poetry always has such depth and gives me a longing. Congrats on winning and well deserved!

Yay Verna! Such an outstanding poem and well deserved EC. Congrats!
Be sure I get an autographed copy of your book of verses, dear Verna. You are getting them published, right? Congratulations Sister!
So awesome for this topic. Congrats, Verna!