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Black nail polish! Love it. I had to say "ewww" when the character started picking at the nailpolish, thinking that she was picking at her toes. Then I realized she probably painted her fingernails as well, so I hope that's what she was picking at!
This is so creatively perfect for the topic. I loved that she used black nail polish to get into character. :) …and what a guy, that Bert!
VERY creative piece - and I love the inspiration of the black nail polish. You got into her heart.
Like the writing coach said--you are an excellent writer. I enjoyed following your character's inner dialogue. Very real. Great job.
This was spot on, in my mind, and one of my particular challenges, also: to write about life "as it is" and not all fluff-and-stuff and "happily ever afters." There are so many "less blessed" people. Very well done.
I love this. The second half is especially good. So honest and real.
This is writing in the raw. A very striking piece! Thanks - Colin
I identified immediately with your challenge--I share it. Guess I'll have to paint my toenails black. Well rounded, interesting story.
So that's what black nail polish is good for!! Great story. Loved the characters and how you developed a story within a story. Definitely keep writing.
God Bless.
This is excellent. I felt sad at the beginning.

Then I felt connected with the MC and her purple toenails.

Next I found myself smiling and in the end a hearty chuckle came out.

Now that's pulling the reader into your story.
I agreed with the mentor on every point... except the black nail polish lol. Life is a mixture of everything and to write as true to life as you can means you must write about the bad as well as the good in humanity.
Now I know why I get stuck sometimes - it must be from lack of black nail polish. On the way to the store right now for a bottle.
Mari, it's wonderful to see this on the EC list! Super congrats on your HC and EC!!
Yay! So proud of you! Love this story. :)
Wow- great job. If only we could all learn how to get into character like your's did. Congrats on your win!