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Hehe. You made me smile. I'm not an editor by profession, but I've done some editing for others, and loose ends, confusing information and plot lines that just don't add up drive me bananas! I'd like to find out what happens next in this story!
I am not a fan of sci-fi, so the fact that you kept my attention, made me laugh, made me empathize with the editor, and kept me wanting more despite the sci-fi jargon and content deserves kudos in my book. Great job.
An enjoyable read that made me chuckle in many areas. I liked how the dialogue told us a little about what Bobís pathetic attempt of a novel is about. And Sandra's polite attempts to critique his second rate novel were quite humorous! Hopefully Bob with be a better writer in time, and hopefully Sandra can keep sane enough for that to happen :)
Fun take on the topic, and it all tied in with the title. Excellent work!
Your title grabbed my attention and the dialogue about sci-fi was authentic. I was a little surprised with the POV shift and with Bob's profession. A rapper named Bob who writes Sci-fi? Tongue in cheek maybe?
Loved the tug of war between the writer and the editor. I would have liked a visual division between the two points of view - but it was a fun read nonetheless.
I love it. You are so wonderful at knowing just how far to push the envelope. Great descriptions and an enjoyable read. Congratulations on your EC.
Congrats on your EC Gregory. You did a fantastic job creating these authentic characters and playing them off against each other - funny and clever.
Oh I love this. Not necessarily your MC's story, but the way you wrote this. I felt so sorry for the editor, no one who doesn't read and enjoy science fiction should ever try editing an SF manuscript. Well done Mr. Kane :-)